PHILIPPOS Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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PHILIPPOS Premium is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil line, achieved from the best olive crop in Crete and Peloponnese, selected to provide excellence
is three 100ml glass bottles, the way to experience all of PHILIPPOS Premium line.
flavour postcard from Greece.
CLASSIC, DELICATE and ORGANIC are naturally tasteful, they complement every dish and are rich in healthy precious nutrients.
CLASSIC is the traditional flavour of fragrant Mediterranean nature, with summer fruit freshness and a wild almond aftertaste.
DELICATE harmoniously balances a fresh fruity flavour with a slight pungency, characteristic of the olives picked at an early maturity stage.
ORGANIC perfectly combines the fresh olive leaf aroma with a mild almond taste. Under Greek and international Organic certification / single certified estate of biological cultivation in Crete.

100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil from cold pressed Koroneiki variety olives.
Containing high levels of natural components, which contribute to overall well-being and effective prevention from numerous diseases.